Anchor safe kertakäyttömatto

Waterhog Mats, Safeway, Frisco, Colorado

Anchor safe kertakäyttömatto

AnchorSafe™ Adhesive backing system keeps the mat flat and in place even with extreme traffic.


Adhesive backing system with moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through to the floor.


Very low profile reduces tripping hazard.


Highly absorbant, keeps floors clean and safe.


Quick and easy to install.


Will perform up to 3 months under normal use.


  • Fiber Type: Non-Woven PET (Polyester)
  • Backing Type: Releasable adhesive
  • Weight: 540 g/m²
  • Thickness: 1,9 mm
  • Size: 91 cm x 30,48m
  • Moisture Barrier: Polyester Film